Application FAQs

Take your time to build a strong entry. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to showcase your creativity and leadership with your idea & work. 

The deadline for submission of entries is 21st July 2021.

Who is an eligible entrant?

Committed innovators in the age group of 18 years to 30 years, from a credible science and technology institute, early-stage enterprise or young leaders from NGO, can apply for this opportunity as an individual or as an organization with a viable project, prototype or idea.

Is it important to read the challenge guidelines and assessment criteria?

Please read the Challenge Guidelines, Participation Eligibility and Assessment Criteria carefully. These resources will help you submit a quality entry.

Does the entry form decide the winners of the Challenge?

No. The entry form is the first step to screen applications that have the potential to be shortlisted for the next stages of evaluation.

Are pictures or videos or diagrams necessary?

They are not compulsory but including such material as a part of your submission aids the shortlisting process. You may upload self-made videos of your work on YouTube and share the link in the entry form. Similarly, you may upload a slide presentation of your idea on Youtube and share the link in the entry form to add a visual description of your work.  Youtube links keep your entry form lightweight and ensure smooth submission both online and via email.

Are all questions mandatory?

Yes, responses could be brief but do answer all the questions. Every question of the entry form carries evaluation points.

Is more than one submission or re-submission of entry allowed?

You can submit more than one entry if you have more than one idea with proof of concept. In case of re-submission, you must contact us via email and make the re-submission so that we can consider earlier submissions as void and keep the correct version in our repository.

Can the application form be saved and resumed later?

No. Click here to view and download the offline entry form in word document. You are recommended to first prepare your entry in the word document and then cut and paste content in the online form. This will help you stay safe from internet glitches. All offline submissions should be sent to

Check the following pages before starting your application – GuidelinesEligibility CriteriaAssessment CriteriaApplication FAQs | Timeline

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