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Passionate about jewellery and art, Saloni Sacheti, an SBI Youth for India Fellow, is empowering the tribals of Dagadpada, in Dangs district of Gujarat, by engaging them in an alternative livelihood source of bamboo jewellery making. The primary occupation of the tribals is agriculture and manual labor. The region has a history of acute water scarcity due to the lack of monsoon rains and hence the tribal communities migrate seasonally. The opportunity that Saloni identified was that the region also has a huge production of bamboo. Connecting the dots, Saloni founded Baansuli – Bamboo Artisans Social and Economic Upliftment Initiative – which engages the tribals in the production and marketing of hand-crafted bamboo jewellery that stands out for its ‘finished, durable and contemporary’ look. Since its inception, the initiative has enabled the sales of jewellery worth ₹195,000.