Challenge Guidelines

The vision of the Challenge is to identify, recognize and support ideas that contribute towards sustainable development. Towards this, it is expected that all winning entries:

  • Must have a strong proof of concept if at the idea stage or tested models at work if in early stage institutions. In both cases, the submissions must not be dependent on philanthropy or aid alone and should be capable of sustaining its journey and scale with relevant plans.
  • Demonstrate evidence to create change even if the impact is not immediately visible.
  • Demonstrate leadership abilities to drive the innovation.
  • Ideas or innovations presented must have a coherent and credible short-term plan that is capable of adapting to long term vision.
  • Specify how the award opportunity would make a difference and how the fund on offer could be best utilized in a venture philanthropy mode.

The Challenge is open to submissions from anywhere in India, but the participating innovations, ideas and initiatives must be relevant to our country context.

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Submissions Closed for the Season