Challenge Guidelines

The Challenge aims to search, identify, recognize and support innovators who can contribute towards sustainable development, addressing the sustainable development goals (SDGs) stated by the United Nations. All submissions must conform to the following:

  • Provide a strong proof of concept in the form of 
    • Minimum Viable Project if at the idea stage 
    • Prototype of the tested models if in early stages of an organization and eligible for impact prize. 
  • Provide evidence of impact in the form of 
    • The projection with market feedback for Idea Stage submissions 
    • Primary feedback from stakeholders as a part of a dipstick of the prototype for institutionalised innovations
  • Demonstrate leadership abilities to drive the idea in the form of
    • Eventual vision and plan over the next 6 months for Idea Prize Submissions
    • The way forward for early-stage institutions or organizations for Impact Prize entries
  • Financial Sustainability without Award Seed Fund in sync with  
    • Project Plans over next 6 months for Idea Prize entries
    • Business Plan for early-stage organizations under Impact Prize 
  • Award Seed Funding utilization in the form of 
    • The specific impact on the project viability or innovator’s capacity
    • Organizational capacity enhancement
    • State contribution to which Sustainable Development Goal(s) stated by United Nations (UN SDG 2030)

Apply for 3M-CII YICA 2021