Energy from Algae

Growing genetically modified algae from wastewater to treat water

In recent years, wastewater is being seen in a new light in circles of innovation and scientific research. It is being hailed as a new source of energy and probably clean water too. According to the International Water Association, algae is a thriving technology because these microorganisms have the potential to efficiently remove nutrients from wastewater, and provide a biomass energy source. Venkata Subramaniam G. and Nitish K. Singh from IIT Madras have also experimented in the field. The idea is very simple – to utilize wastewater from households and sewage lines to grow genetically modified algae. These modified algae would be competent to produce enzymes that can break cellulosic content. Under lab conditions, this process is used to treat wastewater alongside generating food supplements from the algae. The award and the seed funding has helped the innovators continue their research on this project and take it to a pilot stage by developing a prototype.