Innovations of Season 2021

Grand Jury

We are proud to present the winners of the 3M-CII Young Innovators Challenge Award 2021.

We have successfully completed the 8th Season of the 3M-CII Young Innovators Challenge Award for 2021! From over 1500+ idea submissions to 49 Semi-Finalists and 19 Finalists, this season saw some excellent projects and ideas to address some of the most pressing social and environmental issues facing our country today. At every stage of the challenge, we were privileged to have had a strong evaluation team of by domain experts, sector practitioners and industry leaders.

Against the backdrop of the pandemic for the second year in a row, 3M and CII are delighted to present the 8th Season’s Winners.


Idea Prize –  Winner

BlisCare – BlisCare provides affordable digital classroom solutions for visually impaired students with a Digital Braille Display System (Braille Tablet) that can replicate,  in real-time,  any text, graphical diagram/map into digital braille.

Project Team Member(s):Chinmaya Naik and Nikita Kumari

Impact Prize – Winner

AKIcare – Kidney failure is a common and dangerous ICU related complication,  and is often detected late in critical patients. AKICare is a novel attachment to any traditional urinary catheter system and provides a new tool to detect the onset of impending renal dysfunction by analyzing urine in real-time. Dilip Shankar and Niharika C. S.

Project Team Member(s):Dilip Shankar and Niharika C. S.

Special Recognition for IMPACT 

Canfem – Canfem is a social enterprise that provides products and services,  catering to the non-medical needs of cancer warriors with an equal focus on advocacy, mental health and empowerment for a better quality of life.

Project Team Member(s): Akriti Gupta and Vidushi Agnihotri


Impact Prize – Winner

Learn and Empower – India’s first hearing impaired-friendly,  digital, games-based AI-enabled,  teaching-learning platform.

Project Team Member(s): Prabodh Mahajan, Amanpreet Chopra and Krishna Samudrala

No winner has been selected under the Service – Idea prize category. However, the Grand Jury has recommended mentorship for all the finalists in this category to help explore the full potential of their projects. With expert guidance, these innovators can make a stronger pitch at future forums.


Idea Prize –  Winner

Venticook – Venticook is a clean biomass-burning stove that uses a treadle mechanism (similar to a sewing machine) to provide a cleaner and more efficient alternative to the conventional biomass cooking stove.

Project Team Member(s): Anup Paikaray

Impact Prize – Winner

MILA (Moving IntelLigent Auto) Feeder – By using Smart feeders, feed is provided based on the sensed data of the sensors in a scheduled manner that not only reduces 20% feed wastage but also prevents overfeeding/ underfeeding of prawns.

Project Team Member(s): V. Sai Naga Lokesh and A N S Manasa

Special Recognition for IDEA 

Solar Powered Lift Irrigation in remote regions of the Himalayas – This idea leverages existing, tested technology solutions in the remote regions of Himalaya (i.e. Zanskar, Ladakh), to provide local communities access to water and energy and with support to livelihoods.

Project Team Member(s): Nishit Sangomla and Lobzang Wongtak

All the seven winning projects will be showcased at the upcoming virtual CII India Innovation Summit scheduled on 14th September 2021. This season’s winners will join the league of 3M-CII YICA innovators in the Hall of Fame.  Congratulations to all the winners!

We would also like to appreciate and congratulate all the finalists, semi-finalists and shortlisted innovators of the season for their work, passion and commitment to social change.

Stay tuned for more communications and updates.

3M-CII Young Innovators Challenge Award 2021 Announces this Season’s Finalists!

Congratulations to all the innovators and teams who made it to this penultimate stage! 3M and CII are very proud to announce the finalists of the 8th Season of the 3M-CII Young Innovators Challenge Award. Our finalists are all exceptional innovators, committed to building a stronger and more resilient India.

The Challenge involved a four-step evaluation process to select the top ideas that have the potential to address some of the most pressing challenges our society faces today. Ideas selected under Product, Rural and Service categories explore solving complex problems that have emerged due to the pandemic, touching upon themes like health, transportation, waste, sustainability, preservation of the arts and diversity and inclusion.

This Season’s finalists have successfully crossed each stage, including two rounds of pitch presentations. Their pitches have improved with each passing round and are now through to the last leg of the challenge – The Grand Jury evaluation on 25th August 2021. We are just one step away from selecting our winners for  2021. We would like to appreciate the efforts of all the semi-finalists who made commendable efforts to share their work.. Your ideas show so much promise. The Challenge conveners are always open to support and mentor innovators who have participated in the YICA process. We hope  YICA  can be a stepping stone to propel your careers as innovators.

Watch this space for WINNERS ANNOUNCEMENT on 30th August 2021.

YICA 2021 Finalists

Attention to all the Finalists: Please block these dates on your calendar if you become a winner of the season-

  • 31st August 2021 –  Meeting with 3M India Leadership & Executive Coaching for showcase presentation at the virtual CII Innovation Summit

  • 2nd Sept 2021 – Review of the showcase presentations of the winners by 3M India Leadership Team and briefing on Studio Recording of the presentations

  • 10th September – Interaction with the 3M India Managing Director and Head of R&D Head

  • 13th September 2021 – Webinar with Winners hosted by The Optimist Citizen (Challenge Storytelling Partner)

  • 14th September 2021 – Winners Executive Meeting with 3M India Managing Director (morning) and virtual felicitation at the CII Innovation Summit in the evening.

3M-CII Young Innovators Challenge Award 2021 Proudly Announces Season’s Semi-Finalists!

We are pleased to share the list of semi-finalists of the 8th season of 3M-CII Young Innovators Challenge Awards 2021. This season saw very good participation from our young innovators across the country, which certainly reinforces the idea that hope for a resurgent India lies in our youth. 

Out of the 2000+ submissions we received this year, close to 140 project teams were shortlisted and invited for an interactive virtual pitch session to a panel of subject matter experts.  The ideas have been varied, from solutions for challenges emerging due to the pandemic to more sustainable and inclusive models. There is much to learn from our young people who are shaping what our future will look like. 

Presenting the Semi-Finalists of the Season: Click Here To View The List

Congratulations to all those who made it to the semi-final round of YICA 2021 and kudos to everyone who participated. We have always believed that 3M-CII YICA is an opportunity to help our participants grow as innovators and changemakers through the process of application and pitching for various selection rounds. We would like to wish all the participants success in their journeys as innovators. 

All the semi-finalists are now invited for a virtual pitch session with a  panel of judges from 3M India, scheduled from 17th – 19th August 2021. The presentation format and session schedule will be communicated to all the semi-finalists via a personalized email and through WhatsApp messages. 

3M India’s Jury Panel will select the Finalists of the season that will be announced on 23rd August. The Grand Jury of the season for the selection of the winners is scheduled for 25th August 2021. (If you are a semi-finalist, please hold these dates in your calendar)For queries and more information, connect with us via email at