An automatic system that learns user data to modulate energy consumption

Libin Varghese faced a startling reality while undergoing his studies in college. The electricity consumption in the college had been rising exponentially every month because of the callous behavior of students not switching off lights after leaving rooms. By observing human behavior, Libin and Mebin thought about the possibility of automating the system, instead of expecting people to remember to switch off the lights. They created I-SOCKET, an automatic system which can learn the behavior of the user’s electricity consumption pattern and automatically switch off consumption based on the users’ data. After studying someone’s pattern of switching lights on and off, this device would record and then give out an alarm to inform that the lights have been switched on for more than the expected time. Libin and the team are currently working to create an affordable version of I-SOCKET that might cost as less as ₹200. They have also received seed funding from The Department of Science and Technology as well as orders from the Kerala Government.