Silk-in-silk hydrogel system that can fix acute lower back pain

Lower back pain has been a pressing medical problem which affects 60% of the world’s elderly population. What’s even more alarming, is a study that reveals that patients suffering from arthritis are administered a drug called glucosamine in a much higher quantity than needed. To curb this problem and to ensure the controlled release of glucosamine in the body, Sumit Murab, a biomedical engineer developed Injectable, a silk-in-silk hydrogel system which can fix acute lower back pain without any surgery. The system has an injectable hydrogel incorporated with hollow silk microspheres where the hydrogel acts as the replacement for the degraded intervertebral disc and the microspheres are filled with glucosamine. Sumit’s project is currently being developed at IIT Delhi and is in the animal trial phase. The award helped Sumit secure a grant of ₹1.5 million from the Biotechnology Industry Research Assistance Council to further the work on the project.