KhetMajoor (The Meyome Project)

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While most youngsters dream about a backpacking trip in Europe, there’s a young innovator who is working to bring out a side of India that doesn’t enter the urban imagination – remote rural tourism. Chintan Patel, an MBA graduate started the Khetmajoor Project (renamed as the Meyome Project) which serves as an intermediary between farmers and tourists. The idea originated when Chintan observed that local villagers spent a lot of time and money to create infrastructure for tourists, but are unable to market it due to lack of marketing expertise. Hence, Meyome plays a crucial role in promoting these unique places of interest and create pleasant, memorable experiences for tourists. The project customizes the tourism experience by employing a team of 29 local villagers, providing them with a stable income apart from farming. Chintan’s project has grown significantly post the award and has boosted agro-tourism in rural Maharashtra. Chintan now plans to expand his venture in Gujarat and the North East.