Participation Eligibility

All participants of the Challenge must be 

  • Under 30 years of age and should be born on or post 1991
  • Should be permanent residents of India
  • Should not be current 3M employees, interns or trainees 
  • Make submissions in English 
  • Should not make any submission of an idea to promote or market 3M or its products

Submissions under Product and Service Innovation Categories: 

  • Are open to individuals, teams and organizations with impactful innovation.
  • Idea Prize entries must have a clear one year plan with endline of the project 
  • Impact Prize entries must ensure that their organizational age is less than 4 years from the date of registration. 
  • Innovations presented should not have been awarded by any other major National or State level awards program previously.  

Nominations under Rural & Inclusive Innovation Category

  • Nominations (both self and third party) must focus on grassroots innovation creating positive social change at the bottom of the pyramid. 
  • Self-nominations must mention recommendations from individuals or organizations who are aware of the idea or the project presented.  
  • Anyone or any organization can submit a nomination for a credible remote innovator with worthwhile reference for due diligence that should include their contact information such as direct email and mobile numbers. 
  • Innovation must serve vulnerable communities in rural or remote areas or underserved communities in an urban setup. 
  • The nomination could be of an individual or leadership team of an early-stage organization. 
  • The nomination should not have been previously awarded (such as major National or State level awards, Chief Minister’s Awards and Corporate Prizes).
  • All nominations should adhere to the age criteria of the “Challenge” that is mentioned in the eligibility section.


Check the following pages before starting your application – GuidelinesEligibility CriteriaAssessment CriteriaApplication FAQs | Timeline

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