Real Time Mosquito Specie Detection

Mosquitoes are known to be one of the most deadly insects, impacting 216 million people every year with malaria, causing 445,000 deaths annually. According to WHO 95% of Indian population is at high risk of dengue and malaria. Out of 6,49,481 villages in India 6,14,955 villages come under the category of high risk and are directly affected by malaria, dengue and chikungunya. One of the solutions to this problem is preventive care. “Real Time Mosquito Specie and Gender Detection” devices have the ability to alert the authorities and people of that high-risk area before people get affected by vector-borne diseases. The device uses a density heat map that is developed to detect the species and gender of mosquitoes which is based on the fact that only 4 species of them are dangerous in India and only female mosquitoes can cause the vector-borne diseases. The device has the potential to impact 95% of the population of India.