Soy Protein

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While doing the SBI Youth for India Fellowship in the Balwadi cluster of villages in Madhya Pradesh, Shalmali Ghaisas witnessed the pertinent, widespread problem of malnutrition in every family. On investigating further, she realized that the tribal community produced more than eight quintals of soy annually, but most of the farmers would sell their produce to overcome their looming debts. It was then that Shalmali decided to work on avenues to use soy to build a business and also overcome malnutrition. Along with the villagers from the community, she started using soy and its by-product Okara to produce soy milk, nuggets and tofu. These not only provided the required protein intake for the farmers’ families but were also sold at urban markets to generate adequate revenue for the farmers. As Shalmali nears the conclusion of her fellowship, she plans to pass on the baton to the next cohort who can develop a brand around the products and get an FSSAI License.