Standing and Sitting Wheelchair

By March 19, 2021March 20th, 2021No Comments

A contraption that lets wheelchair-bound individuals stand

P. L. Ramalingam and M. Naveen Kumar witnessed a big challenge in the wheelchairs used for patients with spinal injuries. Patients often need to stand for physical therapies, requiring human assistance and intervention. To solve this problem, these young innovators have created a prototype of a wheelchair that morphs its shape to help the patient stand up and sit. Standing wheelchairs usually weigh around 120kgs, but this innovation has drastically reduced it to 19kgs. Patients using this wheelchair could move double the distance with assistance as compared to previous models. The design has optimized armrest cuts for smoother adjustments, making it convenient for the user to switch positions. The applications of this innovation are widespread and the team is now planning to extend this to children who are constricted to a wheelchair and make it available in hospitals.